Alexis Zukowski

In 2010, Alexis received her B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from San Diego State University, in San Diego, California. Afterwards, she spent a year in South Korea teaching English and then a year in biotech at ROKA BioSciences. Itching for more independent research, she started graduate work in the lab of Dr. Aaron M. Johnson at University of Colorado – School of Medicine in 2012. In the Johnson Lab, Alexis developed an interest for chromatin dynamics, specifically understanding how different pathways intersect with heterochromatin (the gene silent and condensed regions of the genome). Her thesis work focused on dissecting how and when a deubiquitinase is recruited by silencing complexes to form heterochromatin using budding yeast as a model system. She earned her PhD in the Molecular Biology Program in April 2018 and has moved into a postdoctoral position in the Ramachandran Lab. Here she aims to work on bringing biochemical and molecular insight of nucleosome dynamics to clinical applications in cancer.

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