Kameswaran Ravichandran

Kamesh obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from University of Madras, India in 2009. His thesis work was on lung cancer chemoprevention. He joined the School of Pharmacy at the University of Colorado Denver as a visiting research associate to work on cancer chemoprevention. He then started his post-doctoral research in renal diseases and hypertension at the School of Medicine, University of Colorado Denver in the laboratory of Dr. Charles Edelstein. There he studied signaling pathways and therapeutic interventions in polycystic kidney disease and cisplatin induced acute kidney injury in lung cancer. He brings 10 years of experience working with rodent and cell culture models along with an array of molecular and biochemical assays. He has been in the CU system for almost 10 years and he enjoys working in team-based environments and has developed several collaborations to efficiently complete numerous projects. He has passion for hiking (vows to hike all the fourteeners), spelunking, traveling, soaking in the hot springs, and photography.

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