Satyanarayan Rao

Satyanarayan received his PhD in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics from University of Southern California, USA in 2018. In Rohs Lab at USC, he studied effect of CpG methylation on DNA shape features, and developed a method to profile those features in a high-throughput manner. The learned changes due to methylation led to explanation of epigenetic effects on protein—DNA binding. Before coming to USA, he was a Junior Research Fellow at Jayaram Lab, IIT Delhi, where he was involved in designing a scoring metric to capture native/native-like structures from a pool of protein decoys. He majored in Information Technology and made his way to biology. He is excited to be on board and use his accumulated experiences to understand genome regulation. He is passionate about Kalaripayattu, an Indian Martial Arts form. He also loves to do outdoor sports, photography and cooking.

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